Numbers Don’t Lie…

Flipping through the pages of October’s INSTORE magazine, we got an insight to what You, the jewelry store business owner, thought about success, trends and the industry. Their Big Vote keyed us in on numbers of all sorts – age, money, bling and expectations – which were inline with what we expected from the current state of our industry.

However, when it came to thinking outside the box or making a decision to improve business standards we were surprised that we did not see more testimonial about the benefits of new store design.

Yes, a new store design is a big investment, but so is buying high-end inventory or paying for advertising. While both inventory and advertising are important and necessary for business, it can be argued that both a short life span. Improvements to your lighting, cases and store layout, on the other hand, will make an impression on your customers for years.

Just ask Golden Anvil Jewelers owner Jonathon Binder. After making the investment to upgrade his in-store display cases and incorporate LED lighting, Jonathon instantly noticed its effect on customers.  “Almost every customer has commented about the immediate difference in the overall feel of our showroom and because of it we have seen an increase in both sales and foot traffic,” he said.

The survey went on to explain that 64% percent of those surveyed did NOTHING that they thought was “out-of-the-box” or different from their competitors. Some said they served ice cream in their store or focused on increasing traffic to their Facebook page (speaking of which, you should Like Us!), but there was no mention of store design tweaks. Perhaps improving your store look might seem like something anyone could do, but on the contrary. With all the different custom and RTG options available, your store can look as different and unique as you want it to. Make your bridal section bright white, while the rest of your look is traditional wood grain. Or move your cases out from against the wall and give your store a more relaxed shopping experience.

As you begin to think about 2012, think about the changes you can make in your store to drive traffic. You might just decide that a new store look is just what you need.

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