Invite Your Customers to Stay Awhile

When creating a store environment it’s important to design a floor plan that encourages browsing.  With proper display case placement you can lead your customer through the store to ensure that they see your entire collection. Stores that are not laid out correctly run the risk of loosing a customer’s interest and therefore a sale.

Studies show that in addition to most people being right-handed they are also right-footed.  This means that the overwhelming majority of your customers will turn instantly to the right when entering your store.  They will then continue to shop in a counter clockwise pattern.  Choose cases that compliment this natural flow.  Setting up display cases in this “first impression” area is the perfect spot to merchandise your new, engagement or more impressive baubles. Presenting the customer with a run-of-the-mill piece they’ve seen before could result in an about face and a quick exit from your store.

From there, let the case placement continue to lead them on their journey.  Do not break the flow with an awkwardly positioned museum case or other fixture.

Trice Jewelers is a store whose floor plan is essential to its overall success.  Taking advantage of its large square footage, NK newlook opted to line the perimeter of the store with display cases to encourage the counter clockwise shopping cycle.  “Islands” are strategically placed throughout the space.  These cases hold jewelry complimentary to those around it and act as an alternative shopping space when perimeter cases are blocked by other customers.  Instead of a customer loosing interested by having their flow interrupted, they are invited to pop over to another case before picking back up on their rightful path.

Over the next couple days, make a note of your customers’ shopping patterns and the length of their visit. If you don’t see a general pattern or if your customer seems “lost,” a simple redesign could be the solution.

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