Relax! Shopping (and Selling!) Can Be Easy…

When it comes to designing your store environment, it is important to consider how the cases and retail fixtures you choose will affect your store’s overall vibe. While the customer of today demands their expectations to be met – high-quality jewelry collection, superb customer service and a flawless presentation of merchandise – they also crave a relaxed shopping experience. To achieve this, consider choosing front loading cases, which will bring your sales associates out from behind the counter to offer casual but personalized service.

Fabienne Miot, St. Bart's

To compliment the casual vibe of her store’s island locale, jewelry designer Fabienne Miot made the decision to situate her cases along the wall instead of falling in line with the traditional counter service setup of most jewelry stores.  She found that by bringing her sales associates out from behind the counter they were able to help more customers and alleviate the awkward pressures presented in counter top sales situations.  For her, this resulted in customers feeling comfortable to shop, try on and, most importantly, buy.

Italics, Puerto Rico

With NK newlook you can incorporate front loading cases into your store without sacrificing style.  Subtle placement of locks and unimposing drawers allow you to easily access jewelry and even store overflow inventory in a convenient way.

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  1. We incorporated front loading cases into our store design and have been very happy with the results. Our sales associates are able to casually approach customers and interact with them on a friendly level. They can easily lead them from one case to another making the sales process easy and convenient.

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