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Presentation Sells

So you’re back from JANY with a brand new collection of this season’s latest and greatest jewels and gems! In the midst of all the glitz and glamour of inhibited shopping (how could you say no to that last diamond engagement ring?), did you stop to consider how this new jewelry will fit into your current store design?

It’s important that your store environment convey the look and feel of the jewelry you sell, as store design often dictates who walks into your store.  Fabienne Moit, for example, created a vibrant and trendy store to cater to her clients looking for one-of-a-kind beach inspired jewelry. Her unique, one-of-a-kind store compliments the jewelry she designs and sells, never misleading a customer and most always enticing the customer to make a sale.

The same goes for if you’re selling $2 million diamonds: you want to make sure your cases look like a million bucks, too. Just check out Daoud’s Fine Jewelry in South Florida. With both traditional jewelry pieces and a more traditional client base, their newly redesigned look is more than successful. Customers notice the extra effort taken to create a cohesive shopping experience and continue to shop at Daoud’s year-after-year, and in this store’s case, generation-after-generation.

So as you make room for your new arrivals, consider how your jewelry fits with your overall store design. Do your jewelry collections and your store environment tell the same story? If not, check out our RTG collections to see if we have a solution for your store!

Visit us at JA New York July 24 – 26!

We’re heading to New York City to showcase the latest in showcase design! Join us at the Javitz Center July 24 – 26 at Booth#1746 to learn how NK newlook can create a positive store experience for both your customer and your bottom line! Our expert team will be available to introduce you to our Custom and RTG solutions to help you get started creating your dream store.

JA New York
July 24-26
Booth #1746

For more information about JANY or get directions to our booth, visit:

To set up an appointment with an NK newlook Account Executive during the show or for more information, contact David Hollingshead:

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STORE PROFILE: Lamborghini Shop

Some might think that larger retailers are the only ones deserving of a professional store design, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it is the smaller stores that often times stand to gain the most from a designer’s trained eye.

Yes, even kiosks need love, too.

Recently, the Lamborghini Shop located in Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida found themselves up against stringent mall restrictions and space confinements during their kiosk design. The owners desired to create a luxury shopping experience in their 128 square foot space, as to stand out from their standard, mall-grade neighboring kiosks and challenged NK newlook to take on the project.

Partnering with Lamborghini on the design, lighting, and high end finishes, NK manufactured a kiosk that maximizes the small space to adequately house all the jewelry and watches without overcrowding the cases and effectively present important branded collateral. This successful partnership is reflected in the satisfaction of the Lamborghini team as well as with the strong sales for this dynamic brand.

Brilliantly Designed to Make Your Store Shine

To be successful in today’s retail market, it is more important than ever to stay on top of trends and customer needs to give your store a competitive advantage. Since your store’s overall look and feel serves as a first impression and sets the tone for what customers can expect from your brand, consider how your store appearance communicates your business goals.  It has been proven that by enhancing the look of your retail space and merchandise presentation, customers will be enticed to enter your store, stay and shop, and, most importantly, spend money.

With showcases and display fixtures to fit every style, size and budget, NK newlook is ready to transform your store into the inviting, talked-about and money-making store of your dreams.

Since 1999, NK newlook has been making stores shine with their brilliantly designed, high-quality RTG and Custom display cases.  With no detail overlooked, NK newlook’s quality, innovation and style is unmatched by its competitors to create a look that compliments your brand and gives your store an extra special sparkle.

Discover how NK newlook can make your transform your store by registering with us. As a VIP customer you will be able to browse our convenient and affordable RTG collections, use our 3D design tool to experiment with your new store layout and be connected with an NK newlook expert team member to assist you in creating your dream store. You can also sign up to receive our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest retail trends.