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DRAB TO FAB: Winner Annouced!

We’re excited to name Armentor Jewelery our first Drab to Fab winner!

We are currently working to finalize the details on their project design, but stay tuned as we document the entire NK newlook design process, from beginning to end.

STORE PROFILE: Moshe Fine Jewellery

Over the past few years designer jewelry “shop-in-shops” have become increasingly popular additions to independent jewelry stores.  Shop-in-shops have proven successful as they allow jewelry store owners to showcase designer jewelry collections in branded showcase fixtures, which are easily identifiable to shoppers and often times draw them into the store.  But while the good-looking shop-in-shops attract customers, it is the overall store design that will keep the customers in the store and increase the potential for sales.

When owner Raymond Katzeff decided to integrate a Pandora shop-in-shop into his Toronto jewelry store, Moshe Fine Jewellery, he realized that the rest of his store could afford an upgrade to meet the quality standards of his new Pandora showcases. Noting the quality, appearance and innovation of the Pandora cases, he trusted the project to NK newlook.

Barcelona showcase with LED lighting

Working with Moshe’s budget, NK newlook focused on the interior shop fixtures and chose pieces from the affordable and visually stunning Ready To Go Barcelona collection. Since Moshe’s Pandora shop-in-shop blends seamlessly into the store’s white wall interior, a mahogany finish was chosen for the show floor cases to allow them to pop while still complementing the existing dark wood wall cases.

While the Pandora shop-in-shop may act as the overall draw into the center of the store, NK newlook created an effortless flow that inspires customers to continue browsing and, most importantly, shopping as they exit the store.

Moshe Fine Jewellery
1 Promenade Circle
Thornhill, Ontario