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Tip of the week – Lighting Notes

Create the right atmosphere to drive the sale

Considerations when selecting lighting for retail applications:
• Type and characteristics of merchandise
• Location of each merchandising area
• Ambient illuminance level
• Illuminances of adjacent spaces
• Luminance ratios between feature displays and the surround
• Size and shape of space
• Architectural surface reflectance colors and textures
• Flexibility requirements
• Size and location of graphics
• Method of display- racks, gondolas, or counters
• Method and location of sales transactions
• Location of merchandise displays including feature displays
• Traffic patterns

Trice Jewelers grand opening

Project (Denver, Colorado)

In Denver, Colorado Trice Jewelers, a 50 years family business opened a new 4500 square foot location. They requested a mix  of traditional and contemporary American style design, warm and cozy.

NK created an elegant new store design characterized by spectacular diamond island in the center of the store with LED lighting in case and above. The materials and finishes included high-end cherry wood veneer, curved metal and glasses, and LED lights.

The grand opening  celebration was held at their new store at The Streets at SouthGlenn on Arapahoe & University.

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