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8 Tips to get your store notice now

How do you get price-conscious consumers to take notice of your store? Veteran store fixture designer, Jean-Philippe, shares his expert’s eye and gives you eight tips sure to keep your store bustling with foot-traffic. Read on to find out more…

1.  Faster isn’t always better. Hasty decisions can affect your store long-term, so analyze your store’s layout with time and care.

2.  Increase circulation. The more people walking into your store, the higher the likelihood of a sale.

3. Know your customer’s profile. What’s your customer’s age range? Predominately male or female? What’s their socio-economic background? What details and   services would make them feel special? Now review your assessment, and match your store image accordingly.

4.  Be timeless. Resist fads and trends because they’ll eventually make your store look dated.

5. Lighting is key. Your merchandise might be top of the line, but poor lighting fails to lure customers and will hurt your sales.

6. Stand out from the crowd. It’s important to differentiate your store with a signature look. Creativity shouldn’t be generic.

7. Quality = Longevity. When choosing materials, remember you’ll get what you pay for. A wise initial investment on quality may save you headaches later on.

8. Consult a specialist. People call upon experts because of their background, experience, and specialized knowledge. A good professional will simply get the job done; a great professional will collect your ideas, incorporate your feedback, and create a final product that’s faithful to your vision.

Jean-Philippe has worked in the retail and manufacturing industry for over twenty years. His eye for innovative design seeks a balance between aesthetics and function. He is co-owner of NK Newlook, a store fixture manufacturing company for the retail industry. Based in Miami, Florida, their services include store planning and design; 3D rendering and animation; manufacturing; flooring; lighting; and installation.