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Presentation Sells

So you’re back from JANY with a brand new collection of this season’s latest and greatest jewels and gems! In the midst of all the glitz and glamour of inhibited shopping (how could you say no to that last diamond engagement ring?), did you stop to consider how this new jewelry will fit into your current store design?

It’s important that your store environment convey the look and feel of the jewelry you sell, as store design often dictates who walks into your store.  Fabienne Moit, for example, created a vibrant and trendy store to cater to her clients looking for one-of-a-kind beach inspired jewelry. Her unique, one-of-a-kind store compliments the jewelry she designs and sells, never misleading a customer and most always enticing the customer to make a sale.

The same goes for if you’re selling $2 million diamonds: you want to make sure your cases look like a million bucks, too. Just check out Daoud’s Fine Jewelry in South Florida. With both traditional jewelry pieces and a more traditional client base, their newly redesigned look is more than successful. Customers notice the extra effort taken to create a cohesive shopping experience and continue to shop at Daoud’s year-after-year, and in this store’s case, generation-after-generation.

So as you make room for your new arrivals, consider how your jewelry fits with your overall store design. Do your jewelry collections and your store environment tell the same story? If not, check out our RTG collections to see if we have a solution for your store!

STORE PROFILE: Moshe Fine Jewellery

Over the past few years designer jewelry “shop-in-shops” have become increasingly popular additions to independent jewelry stores.  Shop-in-shops have proven successful as they allow jewelry store owners to showcase designer jewelry collections in branded showcase fixtures, which are easily identifiable to shoppers and often times draw them into the store.  But while the good-looking shop-in-shops attract customers, it is the overall store design that will keep the customers in the store and increase the potential for sales.

When owner Raymond Katzeff decided to integrate a Pandora shop-in-shop into his Toronto jewelry store, Moshe Fine Jewellery, he realized that the rest of his store could afford an upgrade to meet the quality standards of his new Pandora showcases. Noting the quality, appearance and innovation of the Pandora cases, he trusted the project to NK newlook.

Barcelona showcase with LED lighting

Working with Moshe’s budget, NK newlook focused on the interior shop fixtures and chose pieces from the affordable and visually stunning Ready To Go Barcelona collection. Since Moshe’s Pandora shop-in-shop blends seamlessly into the store’s white wall interior, a mahogany finish was chosen for the show floor cases to allow them to pop while still complementing the existing dark wood wall cases.

While the Pandora shop-in-shop may act as the overall draw into the center of the store, NK newlook created an effortless flow that inspires customers to continue browsing and, most importantly, shopping as they exit the store.

Moshe Fine Jewellery
1 Promenade Circle
Thornhill, Ontario

See NK newlook at the Smart Jewlery Show, booth #116-118

We’re all set for another fabulous show! This time it’s The Smart Jewelry Show at Chicago’s Navy Pier, happening this weekend April 2-4.  Our Account Executives will be on hand at Booth #116-118 in the Tools, Equipment & Supplies section to introduce you to the NK newlook collection of showcases and retail store fixtures, including their  Ready To Go Solutions.  Come view the collection and see just how easy it is to upgrade your store environment for a cost 40% less than custom.

To set up an appointment with an NK newlook Account Executive during the show or for more information, contact David Hollingshead:

David Hollingshead l l 212.851.6393

STORE PROFILE: Golden Anvil Jewelers

For Golden Anvil jewelry store owner Jonathon Binder, store atmosphere is essential.  As a jewelry industry veteran, Jonathon has recognized that a key factor in a customer’s buying decision is directly related to the look and feel of the store environment, specifically the color, lighting and displays. So when it came time for a store redesign in 2010, Golden Anvil entrusted NK newlook with the task.

Barcelona Showcase with Front LED Lighting. Wenge Finish.

To appeal to its Palm Beach, Florida clientele, NK newlook completed Golden Anvil’s design with a mix of Ready To Go and custom pieces from the Barcelona Collection, finished in a Wenge color palate.  The clean-lined and balanced aesthetic of the Barcelona Collection was the perfect choice to compliment the store’s sleek sophistication and stunning jewelry collection.

But for Jonathon, it was much more than just the furniture pieces and display cases that got his customer’s buzzing.  “The biggest improvement to our jewelry store architecture is the use of LED lighting technology. We incorporated direct spot and flood LED lighting to compliment our in-case LED lighting from NK newlook and we could not be happier,” said Jonathon. “Almost every customer has commented about the immediate difference in the overall feel of our showroom and because of it we have seen an increase in both sales and foot traffic.”

NK newlook plans to continue working with Golden Anvil as it evolves with its customer’s needs.  The affordability, convenience and timeliness of NK newlook’s Ready to Go Solutions will allow Jonathon to easily keep his store updated with the latest designs trends and product technologies to ensure business success for years to come.

Golden Anvil Jewelers
4601 Military Trail Suite 104 . Jupiter, FL 33458

STORE PROFILE: Wedding Bands & Company

In honor of their 10th anniversary, Chicago based jewelry designers Koorosh Daneshgar and Oscar Valencia of Wedding Bands & Company celebrated in style: with a new store location and new design from NK newlook.

Located in the heart of Chicago’s Diamond District, Wedding Bands & Co charged NK newlook to create a clean, transitional design to compliment the urban feel of its new location.  Using Ready To Go solutions, the NK newlook design team used the Oslo Collection in a Walnut finish to create a concept that was warm and inviting, easy to shop and, most importantly, allowed the custom made jewelry to play hero.

In just under 6 weeks, NK newlook delivered completed showcases and fixtures to fill the 1,000 square foot space.  Since the store’s Grand Opening on January 29, 2011, Wedding Bands & Company has enjoyed phenomenal success with their new look in their new location.

To view the complete Wedding Bands portfolio, click here.

2 North Wabash Ave . Chicago, Illinois 60602

Jewelry Warehouse make a stand out in the crowd!

Ready To Go Solution at Jewelry Warehouse

Jewelry Warehouse a family retail business from 1977 with 4 stores in Columbia SC, opened a new store  location in a beautiful shopping center. After opening,  this location has been the top performing of the stores daily!

A 4000 square feet of retail space with an inviting look to the public and  more upscale environment.

NK created a beautiful store design, were the Oslo  Collection in mahogany laminate finish combined with simplicity of efficient design make stand out in the crowd.

The project was finished in 4 weeks!

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