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About NK newlook

Built on a foundation of style, innovation and quality, NK newlook designs and manufactures product display cases and retail store fixtures for clients worldwide. Specializing in the jewelry industry, but also lending their expertise to other brand concepts, including cosmetics, perfumes and accessories, NK newlook successfully transforms retail spaces into rewarding shopping experiences for both the retail customer and the retailer’s bottom line.

Founded in 1999 in Miami, Florida, NK newlook was born out of necessity when two former retail and manufacturing executives from the L’Oreal Group noticed a void in quality jewelry retail store design and display. With Jean Philippe (JP) Meunier spearheading the creative and Bob Nottin managing business operations, the duo revolutionized the jewelry retail industry by combining European design with superior engineering to deliver high-quality jewelry showcases and fixtures at affordable prices.

From their first fixture design over a decade ago, NK newlook has grown into three distinct business sectors, all of which continue to be produced in their 100,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Miami, Florida:

Clients consistently praise NK for their service, quality, and results that drive into sales.

  • Rollout Division. Catering to industry leading jewelry, watch, and cosmetic brands, NK newlook designs and manufactures large quantities of one-of-a-kind displays for jewelry companies like Pandora.

  • Custom Division. With their signature innovation and distinct detailing, NK newlook’s Custom Made Division offers customers high-quality retails displays, perfectly specified to their individual needs. Customers can choose from an infinite variety of styles, finishes and detailing options to create a store environment that is one-of-a-kind.

  • Ready to Go Division. Fast and affordable, NK newlook’s Ready to Go Solution Division offers customers luxury and quality craftsmanship at about 40% less cost than custom. Customers can pick and choose from 9 style collections and a variety of finishes from the Ready to Go product line to create their dream store. From design to installation, the store is ready in weeks.

The diverse collection of product solutions allows NK newlook to accommodate projects of all sizes and scopes. Whether an upgrade of a single showcase or a full-service store redesign complete with custom lighting plans and retail space planning, NK newlook works within the client’s budget to ensure that each project is done with the utmost care and precision. No matter the project, the final result is never anything less than exceptional.

To help clients begin their journey to a new store design, NK newlook offers an easy-to-use, interactive, online 3D tool, which allows them to discover the potential of their space and design their dream store.